PADI SCUBA Refresher/Discover Local Diving

Are you planning on a dive adventure soon and it has been several months sense you've been diving or completed your dive training.
Are you new to diving the Northwest and would like to Discover our Local Diving.
If either one of these apply then you should consider some of the options listed below.
  • Independent Study: Using the PADI Reactivate/Refresher eLearning
  • Confined Water Review: Pool session with basic scuba skills reviewed.
  • Discover Local Diving: Open Water Dive(s).
  • Part One: Independent Study eLearning: The first step in reviewing your diving skills and knowledge is accomplished with the PADI Reactivate/Refresher. This independent self-directed program can be conducted at your convenience and will refresh your diving knowledge in the areas of dive preparation, boat diving, dive computers, handling problems, diving health/fitness  and has 20 main sections with scenarios that help you recall and apply what you know and want to refresh in an integrated manner. Cost will include Reactivate eCard with completion of Confined Water Review.
  • Register for reactivate eLearning here:

Reactivate/Refresher eLearning $75.00

Part One required before Part Two

  • Part Two: Confined Water Review: For those desiring water skills practice this review consists of 2 1/2 hours of training. Before entering the pool you will need to show completion of eLearning reactivate. During the pool session you will be assisted and coached in your scuba skills by one of our trained professional staff. We will be reviewing scuba skills such as: buoyancy control, controlled emergency ascent, alternate air source use, mask clearing, equalization techniques, ascents and more! We will also be available to answer questions for you as well, assuring that you truly enjoy your next diving adventure. All equipment for the pool session is provided, highly recommend having your own personal mask and snorkel (we have a wide selection). 
  • NOTE: Download the Divers Medical Questionnaire Form to preview in advance as a Dr Release may be required using this form before any confined water training can be conducted.   Download form:       HERE.                                                                                                                                      When:  We offer this program on Sunday or Tuesday evenings, call to schedule a session, please give two weeks advance notice or more (Must present divers certification card)....Price includes; equipment use, confined water session, and reactivate e-card with completion.  (approx. total time 2 1/2 hours)

Cost is $80.00 per person (Bring a Buddy and save...Cost is $65.00 per person)

If you want a Private Review - One on One:  $100.00

  • Part Three: Open Water Orientation Dive/Discover Local Diving: This consists of you making an open water dive with one of our trained professional staff at an open water dive site. There will be no scuba skills reviewed but we will cover practical applications of basic diving knowledge. This will include: proper dive planning, buoyancy control, weighting, dive buddy communications, entry and exit techniques and more! This orientation dive will be conducted during one of our open water certification weekends or some may be offered on our free fun shore dives. This is great for people who have never dove in the Northwest before or wish to re-orient them self to Northwest diving. BONUS: You will receive reduced rates on rental of equipment. (Must be a certified diver and shown verification)

 Cost is $50.00 per person 

(Bring a buddy and save...cost is $40.00 per person)

If you are wanting additional dives $25.00 per dive, per person.

  • You may take part 1, part 2 (requires eLearn Reactivate - part 1) or part 3 (not required to complete part 1 & 2, if you are current with your diving within 1 year) or you may choose all three of these programs depending on your needs.. This is a great way to keep your diving enjoyable, fun and safe.

Call us here at Pacific Watersports if you would like to schedule a confined water review or an orientation dive, ask for Laurie (503) 642-3483

  • To view up-coming class schedule click HERE or to view detailed store calendar click HERE