Ken Prentice Growing up in the Pacific Northwest as one of the many baby boomers, like the rest of those fortunate few I was exposed to early television shows. Some of them were; Flipper, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Sea Hunt and the most amazing Jacques Cousteau specials and his son Philip. With such influence in my youth I skin-dived in the bathtub, swimming pool, pond, river and horse trough; I had a great imagination. It was not until 1990 that I was exposed to my first scuba diving experience. I signed up for a Discover Scuba program; the first breath I took under water opened the most amazing door that any one can pass through. The realization that you don't have to go to the surface for a breath of air was great. I then certified as a PADI Open Water Diver at Pacific Watersports in 1991 and that's when I truly became addicted to compressed air, ok scuba diving. My diving addiction is a good and healthy sport. From that point on I knew that I wanted to become a professional in this sport. It has become a life changing experience so much that in 1995 I was certified as a PADI Instructor and closed my business shortly after that. I now have dedicated my life to my profession of scuba diving. I teach all levels of courses Open Water, Advanced, Rescue, Divemaster and many specialties.

Travel has also become a part of my life, traveling to far destinations as South Pacific, Caribbean and Canada. At this time my most favorite place to dive is Canada, do you want to know why? Canada offers more aquatic life then you could ever imagine, it is a great exciting diving adventure that you will never forget and the beauty that is presented to you is breath taking. My other favorite past times is reading, music, skiing, backpacking and just about anything to do with outdoor adventure. I invite you to come and experience the great sport of diving. Maybe you too will find yourself addicted to diving, once you have had the opportunity to breath compressed air. So lets go get wet together on a dive.